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10bit depth (hi10p)


Sup' o/

Well, it seems like there are lots of people who don't know why all our new videos look bad.

The answer: Since October, we're using 10bit depth to our encodes, and it can't be played properly using old decoders.

What's the difference between hi10p and the old one (8bit depth)?
You won't get lots of banding (well, you have never see that on our videos, so you might not know what does it mean :3c), and it needs less bitRAGE than before, so the videos should be lighter than before.
TL;DR: it looks better.

- It's a bit heavier to play it, but we go where the technology goes.
- I think there aren't homeplayers to decode it. Solution: connect your laptop to your TV using an HDMI.

- Less banding.
- Less filesize.

Ok, ok.. but how can I decode/play it?
There are many ways. The easy one is using CCCP.

and now a list with compatible codecs/packs/players:
- CCCP: cccp-project.net
- VLC 2.X: videolan.org
- SMPlayer2: smplayer2.srsfckn.biz/mini_installer.exe -- note: it get for you all you need, if you have some issues with bright, change the output driver to gl2 (yuv).
- MadVR: madshi.net/madVR.zip (this one is heavy to decode, use it only if you've got a good PC).
- LAV: code.google.com/p/lavfilters (madVR + LAV = Epic win).
- Shark007: shark007.net - it's very popular right now. I haven't tested yet, but I heard it works too.
- CoreAVC 3.0.1: corecodec.com/products/coreavc NOTE: it uses your CPU (Processor) for decoding 10 bit.

And there must be lots of 'em...

Best way to play it
- MPC-HC (x86) + MadVR (Renderer) + LAV (Decoder)
- MPC-HC (x64) + LAV (Decoder)

That's all, hope it'd be helpful for you.

Ps. Linux-asfg: use mplayer2.
Ps2. yes, weird english, so what? XD
christian kamui avatar christian kamui
2011-09-20 23:18:00

Muito obrigado.Valeu!!!!!!

Koichi avatar Koichi Koichi's Twitter Koichi's Last.FM
2011-10-20 19:51:36

I've added SMPlayer2.
It's pretty easy to install (actually, it downloads then installs everything you need).

But, remember: the best way is using MadVR in your MPC-HC (renderer) and LAV (IMO it's the best you could get).

Koichi avatar Koichi Koichi's Twitter Koichi's Last.FM
2011-11-18 18:08:24

I've updated the LAV Filters's website for its code google's project.

In other news:
- CCCP was updated a week ago (2011.11.11).
- LAV Filters 0.39 was released too (IIRC, two weeks ago).

Koichi avatar Koichi Koichi's Twitter Koichi's Last.FM
2012-03-16 00:33:08

- VLC 2.0 was released for those who love it.
- Recommended way to play it.
- VLC 2.0 ya está disponibles para quienes no pueden vivir sin él.
- Recomendación para reproducir videos.

hyam avatar hyam
2012-03-19 11:25:58

The best: imouto.my/configuring-potplayer-for-gpu-accelerated-video-playback-with-dxva-or-cuda-and-also-high-performance-software-decoding