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New style - Spring Season


Ok, since I love changing the look of our website, I did a new version. I solved some issues in the comments that affected Firefox, now it should look fine.

Well, I changed the left main-menu to a top main-menu, since it was too large and I didn't like that e.e.

IE still gives some design problems as always (lol), so I didn't want to waste my time in solving some issues there.

What else? Yeah! This is the Spring ver., I'm fxxkin' allergic but what the hell, I love it! (XD).

That's all, if you want to share a header, report any issue, or say something leave a comment.

Matta nee!
asdf-chan avatar asdf-chan asdf-chan's Twitter asdf-chan's Last.FM
2011-10-04 22:05:21

fall season here~ but whatever, hi <3

Koichi avatar Koichi Koichi's Twitter Koichi's Last.FM
2011-10-05 16:54:56

use ur imagination ww emoticon: :heart: